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About Carol Torre

“There is no such thing as a bad real estate market. Every cycle, whether considered a good or bad real estate market, offers opportunities for both buyers and sellers. My job, simply stated, is to find the opportunity that will benefit my client in any market whether buyer or seller.”

If you want to know what it’s like to work with Carol, stop in at The Hotel Tides and chat with bartender, Lisa. She still enjoys the house she purchased through Realtor Carol in 1994 in Shark River Hills. Or, head over to Georgie’s and let David tell you about his real estate experiences with Carol over the last 10 years. If you had ever gone to Bistro Ole, Host/Owner Rico would have been happy to tell you how he met Carol and purchased his first two houses in Asbury Park more than 10 years ago. Carla Simpson, Simpson Interiors and Contracting, invested in Downtown Asbury Park and then turned to Realtor Carol in 2005 to sell her condo when she decided to move to a new project. Realtor Bob Roccia will be happy to tell you of his experience with Carol when he decided to buy his first home, an Asbury Park fixer upper over 20 years ago–long before he was a realtor. He still lives in this house.

Carol and her real estate partner/spouse Mickey (Nancy Carter) are life long New Jersey residents and have lived in Asbury Park for many years. A long time activist and business owner in Asbury Park, Carol is considered the “go to” person for Asbury Park history, politics, and just plain trivia.

Armed with the education and experience in showing and selling residential and commercial real estate, Carol will help you find your home or business, help you finance it, and finally kick back and enjoy it!